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The Development of Marawi Crisis

By : Lieutenant General (Ret) Soedibyo*)


The Marawi Crisis was started on May 23, 2017  when President Rodrigo Duterte of the Republic of the Philippines declared that Mindanao was  under Military Emergency  Act  and  the Army and the Philippine Constabulary (Police)  which were held  the military  raid to Marawi to capture Ispilon Hapilon  the  leader of Abu Sayyaf militant wing  who is leaning to ISIS have to increase  their military raid  into the Military Campaign  against the regional ISIS  militant followers in the Philippines  occupying  the City of  Marawi and the Maute militant  group which surrounded the Marawi City  to support the ISIS militant followers  in the City of Marawi , Mindanao del Sur. 

It  apparently  needed two weeks of battle  for the Government Armed Forces and the Philippine Constabulary (Pollice)  to occupy just around  80% of Marawi  with  59 members of the Armed Forces  died including 13 members of the Marines  Cor Unit. This tactical position did not change after three week of Marawi battle.

It was likely  the tactical battle in the City has been lasting continuously, apparently the ISIS militant followers were preparing various defense infra structure such as hiding holes, tunnel and bunkers and silently moving and attacking The Government Armed Forces and the Phjilippine Constabularty while everyone of   the ISIS  mlitant followers demonstrating their  readiness for dying.  Accordingly there is definitely  not any normal life could be done in the City. Repot said it is estimated there  are around 9000 refugees  which is needing for help for their basic  life.

On Sunday  June 18, 2017 after three week of Marawi battle President Rodrigo Duterte had appeared in news report after he was speaking in front the Fourth Army Brigade to convey his appreciation and the Country’s  gratefulness  to the heroic battle of all the Government Forces to eradicate the ISIS militant group in Marawi.

The main issue  raised by Presiden Rodrigo Duterte in his speaks were : it was three weeks of the battle of Marawi went by. The battle against the  religious ISIS militant followers in Marawi  is still going on fiercely.

However President Rodrigo Duterte said  the military campaign will be ended soon and the Military Emergency Act will be also lift up but The President of The Republic of The Philippines  shall apply it again if Mindanao is under the serious threat of the  ISIS militant  followers.

We realized this is a really hard  battle. We are  in the battle against the people who are ready to die because they are cheated by a group of people who had manipulated the Name of God for their ambition. The Armed Forces and the Philippine Constabulary (Police) will continue their mission to eradicate  the militant. According to official record 225 militants died while on  the Government side  59 members of the Armed Forces died and also 26 members of the Civilian  were killed.

The situation of the Philippines has been really crucial when  President  Rodrigo Duterte  was in big challenge to protect the country from  disintegration  apparently  a number of politicians  and scholar are busy of talking about Law and legal authority right to declare the Military Emergency Act. As if those politician  and scholarsd  did not care about what happened in Marawi, Mindanao del Sur.

However observer are also of the opinion that the information circulated among the people said that around three hundred people of both sides had died and the application of the Military Emergency Act started to be discussed and became  the main complain issue in the Philippines society has likely push President Rodrigo Duterte appear in front of the soldiers to clarify the situation.

According to the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines the  Military Emergency Act only could  be declared if the Country is facing the  military  invasion  or the rebellion.

The politician said the Supreme Court could cancel the Military Emergency Act declared by the President at any time if it is against the Law. However through  the Press President Duterte asked : “ Actually  what do  you want  to do for this country. Do you want to let the militant rebelling the Country and burning the Mindanao ?   President Redrigo Duterte said answering his quesdtion: “ I have to save the country and I will do it  alone if necessary without asking anybody (including the Supreme Court).” President Rodrigo Duterte is reported to be looked very tired. But he said if he could not work Vice President will take over his job.

 According to official record 225 militants died while on  the Government side  59 members of the Armed Forces died and also 26 members of the Civilian  were kill  have made the Country of the Philippines to feel  uncertain.

According to Sydne Jones one international researcher on South East Asia said  President Rodrigo Duterte is true. Maute group under the leadership of Omarkhayam Romato Maute and Abdullah Mauto , to have made Maute group  to be  considered as  the strong ideological follower of ISIS in the Philippines. Accordingly Maute group is the real threat to the Republic of the Philippines.

However the growing  of Maute group as the strong  ISIS militant  follower in Mindanao to be considered as the mistake of  President  Rodrigo Duterte because  earlier   President Rodrigo Duterte  is to soft to Maute group who is considered  just the separatist group.

Accordingly  the move of Ispilon Hapilon  as the Abu Sayyaf militant wing who is leaning to ISIS in Syria and who  is trying to close to Maute  helped by the Malayan called Mahmud Ahmad  to have been  almost neglected  as the religious militant in Mindanau  and  constituted  the potential followers of ISIS in Syria  and surprisingly to have made the City of Marawi as the  strategic Connection Point   for  all ISIS militant follower in Mindanau del Sur, namely Maute group, Abu Sayyaf group and the Foreign Militia coming from abroad including Indonesia.

The strong attitude of President Rodrigo Duterte to eradicate the ISIS militant followers in Marawi  is likely because he did not  give much  attention to the the grow of the religious militant in Marawi, comprising of Maute militant group, Abu Syayaf militant group and the foreign militia from a number of coutries such as 40 persons detected coming from Indonesia. President Rodrigo Duterte is looked likely to be lack of alertness against those potential militant group. He has paid too much attention on the war against drug.

President Rodrigo Dutertu is realizing now, Marari is the strong Connection Point for the meeting  of Maute group, AbuSyayaf of Ispinul Hapinul group and Foreign Militia as the ISIS militant followers in Mindanao.

After three weeks of battle in Marawi, the Armed Forces of The Republic of the Philippines has only control 80 % of Marawi  territory  while 20 %  of the Marawi territory is still controlled by the ISIS militant followers and the tactical battle in the City of Marawi is apparently continuing.   

Once President Rodrigo Duterte was asking the possible cooperation among the ASEAN country to solved the Marawi Criris, because Marawi could become Ragga or Mosul in South East Asia.  Information said the meeting among the Defense and Security leaders among ASEAN countries  will  be held soon in East Kalaimantan Indonesia.

Observers  tend to believe all those  ASEAN leaders on Defense and Security should have the correct, accurate and pertinent information about what happened first and  its impact  to  all ASEAN countries before they decide what kind of  agreed support could be decided. Because dealing with the religion certainly we should correct in understanding the problem.

It is likely the Goverrnment of the Republic of the Philippines should be help militarily to control totally  100 % of  Marawi  City and to support Marawi City lived in normal condition as  it was before  crisis.

The second Ragga or Kabul in  Mindanau should be strongly prevented in line  with the agenda of  all the Countries in South  East Asia to kill the ISIS ideological and political concept to be develop in South East  Asia.

One news report is expected really good news for the Countries  which are facing the problem of the emerge of the ISIS ideological and political concept to be trying developed by  Abu Bakar Albhagdadi the highest  leader of ISIS reported to have died hit by Russian bomb.


*)         Political and Security Observer.



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